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For 10 years MACO magazines have given its readers a closer look into the beautiful homes of the Caribbean’s elite. Its sister publication, M People is taking it a step further, giving you a glimpse into their personal lives.

Established in 2010, M People Barbados has quickly become the premier lifestyle magazine on the island, featuring some of Barbados’ most controversial, edgy, trendy and glamorous personalities. M People has managed to strike the perfect balance between “young and aspiring” and “sophisticated and influential”, featuring the already well-established as well as the up-and-coming. M represents the past, present and future. Whatever is cultural, trendy, smart or inspiring, it will be found in M People.

It is your ticket to the hottest parties and your all-access pass to Barbados’s most exclusive events. It is also your sneak peek into the minds of some of the island’s most progressive and innovative thinkers. From the island’s next Olympian or future Prime Minister to an aspiring pop star or artist, M People seeks to showcase the best of what the island has to offer.

Visually, the magazine is bold and striking; it demands your attention and the personalities we feature do the same. M People Barbados has steadily been making waves and stirring up interest both locally and regionally and is on its way to becoming a household name, and you can anticipate much more on our digital version.